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Hollowback aMy very first yoga class was in 2013. I really had no idea of what a yoga class was all about, but like many of us, I had heard that yoga was supposed to be good for the body and the spirit. So, I said to myself “why not?”, “what do I really have to lose?“, and the “it doesn’t seem that hard” also came to mind.

Oh boy, it was. It was hard, and sweaty, and slippery, and everybody else seemed to know something I didn’t. I couldn’t understand why there was a huge asymmetry between what the yoga teacher was saying and what my body seemed to actually do.

That very first class launched me on a path of self-discovery, healing, self-acceptance and happiness. In 2016 I completed my 200hr teacher training at YogaWorks in Boston, Massachussetts under the guidance of the most wonderful yoga mentors a student could ever hope to have, Caitlyn and Renee. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive the wisdom of many other incredible yoga teachers, and I will always remain a student at heart. My wish is to share my love of yoga as others have shared it with me and I can only hope to inspire in others the beautiful journey of self-discovery that is yoga.

I should point out that in the end and after many years, ironically I did end up loosing something: any expectations of myself every time I step into the mat.





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