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Video classes available online. I hope you enjoy practicing with me.

lokāh samastāh sukhino bhavantu

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

“May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life, contribute in some way, to that happiness and to that freedom for all. Shanti. Shanti. Shanti. Peace. Peace. Peace.”

Welcome. I believe yoga should be accessible to all of those who seek and wish to practice. That is why these videos are available for free, with the option of donating any amount you wish to contribute, for the time and effort I dedicated into making them, and my continuing yogic education. Your support can help me continue to share more and more content with you. Whatever your decision, I really hope you enjoy practicing alongside me. Thank you for your contribution, in whatever shape or form that may be. Namaste.

Peace, peace, peace


Nadam & Music

In Yoga, Nada, the “unstruck sound”, is the yoga of deep inner listening; it is said that through external listening, we can cultivate our ability to listen within, to the soundless sound, and when heard, Samadhi, or that state of union (yoga, from the root “yuj”: to joke/ union) or cognitive bliss is achieved. You can practice alongside the Spotify playlists I curated for the sole purpose of uplifting your spirit during your asana (seat) practice. A banner will appear on your video when it is time to start your soundtrack, or I will mention it during class.

Online Classes

65 Min Practice: Heart Flight

Heat Level: Spicy (medium) Focus: Heart Openers
Suggested Props: Rolled up towel/blanket or Blocks/books
Spotify playlist: Heart Flight (carol.n.barajas)
Breath, pause, and find your way to peace

70 Min Practice: Centered Cycles

Heat Level: Medium (spicy) Focus: Inner hips (external rotation)
Suggested Props: Blanket, blocks
Spotify Playlist: Centred Cycles (carol.n.barajas)
Legs like jelly. Enjoy!

70 Min Practice: Metta Tangle

Heat Level: Medium (spicy) Focus: Outer hips
Suggested props: Blanket/2 blocks/strap
Spotify playlist: metta tangle (carol.n.barajas)
Enjoy and namaste!

60 Min Practice: 360 Shoulders

Heat Level: Medium (spicy) Focus: Shoulders
Suggested Props: 2 blocks / strap
Spotify Playlist: 360 Shoulders (carol.n.barajas)
Open and strengthen your shoulders with this 60 min well-rounded flow

55 Min Practice : Lotus

Heat Level: Light (spicy medium) Focus: Hips
Suggested Props: Blocks
Spotify Playlist: Lotus
Enjoy your practice!

Rise: 30 Min Morning Practice

Heat level: Medium Focus: All-rounded
Suggested Props: Blocks
Spotify Playlist: Quick Practice: Rise (carol.n.barajas)
Start your day with some yoga! Rise & Shine. Enjoy!

40 Min Yoga Practice: Hip Release

Heat Level: Medium Focus: Hips
Suggested Props: Blocks/Blanket
Spotify Playlist: Hip Release (carol.n.barajas)
Hips like jelly. Enjoy!

50 Min Yoga Practice: Vasisthasana

Heat Level: Medium spicy Focus: Outer hips
Suggested Props: 2 Blocks, strap
Spotify Playlist: Vasisthasana
Full side plank pose is a challenging asana, know that you are always doing your best. Breath and have fun!

45 Min Yoga Practice: Hanumanasana

Heat Level: Medium spicy
Suggested Props: Blocks/books – Rolled up towel
Spotify Playlist: Hanumanasana
Take it easy, lengthening the backs and the fronts of our legs takes time. It’s a process… baby steps. Have fun, and breath!

75 Min Yoga Practice: Union of Sages

Heat Level: Spicy, relaxing cool down Focus: Outer hips
Suggested Props: Blocks/books – Strap/towel
Spotify Playlist: Union of Sages
Click on the Spotify Playlist Link to be directed to the playlist for today’s practice

75 Min Yoga Practice : Hip Flight

Heat level: Spicy Focus: Hips
Suggested Props: Strap/towel or long sock, blocks/books
Spotify Playlist: Hip Flight (carol.n.barajas)
Click on the Spotify Playlist: Hip Flight to be directed to Spotify
75 Min Yoga Practice (Jivamukti-based)

10 Min Meditation Practice – Sitting in silence

60 Min Yoga Practice: “Standing Still”

Heat Level: Medium Spicy Focus: Standing Asanas
Suggested Props: 2 blocks, yoga strap, blanket
Spotify Playlist: Standing Still (carol.n.barajas)
Have fun!

40 Min Yoga Practice “Atha : Now”

Heat Level: Medium (spicy at times) Focus: Hips, Core
Suggested Props: 2 Blocks, blanket
Spotify playlist: Atha

50 Min Yoga Practice “Of Trees and Eagles” – Vriksasana Plank

Heat Level: Medium (A bit spicy at times) Focus: Standing Asanas
Suggested Props: 2 blocks or books – a yoga strap
Spotify playlist: Of trees and eagles
50 Min Hip Opener Class

90 Min Yoga Practice “Atman”- Side Plank Bow (Jivamukti)

Heat Level: Intermediate Focus: Backbends
Suggested Props: 2 blocks/books, strap/long sock
Spotify Playlist: Alma (carol.n.barajas)

75 Min “Airheart” Yoga Practice – Dancer’s Pose

Heat Level: Medium/Intense Focus: Backbends
Suggested Props: 2 blocks/books – blanket/towel
Spotify Playlist: Airheart (carol.n.barajas)

90 Min IntermediateYoga Practice – Tittibhasana

Heat Level: Intermediate Focus: Forward Bends and Hips
Suggested Props: 2 blocks/books – Towel / Blanket – Strap/Sock/Piece of Fabric (to bind)
Spotify Playlist: Cosmic Falls

60 Min Vinyasa Flow – Ardha Chandrasana (Half-Moon)

Heat Level: Medium Focus: Hips
Suggested Props: 2 blocks / books – blanket/towel
Spotify Playlist: Cosmic Moon

The Magic Ten and Beyond – 15 min

Heat Level : Light Focus: Movements of the Spine
Suggested Props: Two blocks / wall
Warm-up with the Magic Ten by Sharon Gannon, founder of the Jivamukti Yoga Method. A light yoga sequence that warms-up your spine to move in all directions.

Pick and choose your sound adventure for your Magic Ten.